****Who's on 2016 ???? *****


Kandanga Hall: 8.30pm Matt Stillert

                                                      9.30pm Mick McCombe Band

                                                  10.30pm Floating Bridges

                                                   11.30pm Close                                                                              


2016 Main Stage Program                      2016 Second Stage


12:00pm Whiskey and Me                                                 12.30pm Matt Johnstone

12:30pm  Herb Fenn

12:45pm   MISS Leading                                                                                  

1:30pm    Geckoes Wildlife                                                1.30pm Georgie and the Heartbeats

2:00pm    Official Opening/ Welcome to Country

2.10pm     The Amazing Terry                  

2:30pm    Samoko Grooves                                                  2.30pm  Fearnley & Wells

3:00pm    Announcements

3:10pm    INsingC Choir                                                      3.30pm  Asyouare

4:40pm    Announcements 

3.55pm    Strangest Dreamers                                               4.30pm  2 Stroke Blues

4:50pm    Sam O'Koth and the drummers

5:15pm    Ben Barker                                                            5.20pm  Close

6:00pm    Raffles and Photo Comp winner

6:15pm    Barry Charles

7:00pm    Parade 

7:15pm    Laser Show by Coruno Laser Productions

7:30pm    Close


Rubatuba  -  Roving Band

The Mary Valley Scarecrows

***********Program subject to change