Drumming workshop

Come join in a wonderful cultural experience with Sam Okoth, the cultural ambassador from Kenya and Nii Armah from Ghana in an hour long workshop with african djembe drumming and singing.  Bring your drum or there will be 25 drums available for people to join in. Feel and play the rhythms of an amazing culture.

Sam is travelling the world as a talented singer, dancer and musician taking his message to people from all around the world, to spread understanding between different cultures. Born in a small village in Kenya, Sam left Africa 25 years ago to study for five years in Europe, and  wants to remove the misunderstanding of cultures and help to get rid of the hatred.

Sam said a lot of the fear and hatred some people experienced came from the fact they did not understand the cultures and backgrounds of those they fear.

He has travelled to more than 50 countries and is fluent in five different languages.

Sam regularly visits schools and performs for the children to help promote more tolerance for people who might look different to them.

In addition to spreading the message of universal understanding, Sam is an accomplished musician and singer, especially with his custom designed take on a traditionally African instrument, the nyatiti.