Speaker’s Corner MRF Talks 10 am till 3.00 pm Saturday July 17 2021


The Speaker’s Tent offers the opportunity for festival visitors to hear talks from an inspirational line-up of speakers about topics associated with the Mary River Festival theme, Responsible River Recreation.

Theme: Responsible River Recreation




9. 45am – 3pm

MC Zela Bissett of Gympie Toastmasters

Announce each speaker at Main stage + on Blackboard timetable outside

9.45 am

Welcome and introductions



Bronwyn McAdam QPWS

National Parks and their uses: how to safely get the most out of our shared places.

10.25 am

Kane Dabbouss

Red Soil Organics

What is biodynamics and what is it about? The biodynamic preparations and introduction to the concept of your farm or landscape as a living organism for ultimate landscape health and vitality.

10. 50

Jonathon Anstock

A Steiner school for the Mary Valley? Waldorf Education facts


Tom Kendall Permeco

Creating a food forest – applying permaculture principles to your land and life


Jaxon Lawler 15 mins

Responsible fishing in the Mary River


Josh Holliday

Noosa Outback Tours

Multi Adventure Activities, Tours & Events. Range of adventure activities showcasing some of the best scenic environments the area has to offer.

12 noon

Ian Harling

Ride on Mary Kayak and Bike adventures: Eco-tourism on the Mary

12.30 pm

Walk with Wild Macadamias project, Amama

Ian McConachie, Russell Bennet and Macadamia Conservation Trust. Find out about an exciting ecotourism project centred on our heritage of wild macadamia trees & other forest species.


Geckoes Wildlife


Martin Fingland and his team provide a wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with live animals. The presentation also includes educational facts which help people to understand and care for the special animals in our environment.

2 pm

Steve Burgess & Panel Discussion w Q and A

Glenda Pickersgill and Save the Mary group

New Water Resource Plan: concerns and opportunities for citizen input. Keeping the powers that be accountable.

3 pm