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Mary River Festival is full of activities and entertainment for everyone.


9:10            CHRISTINA JOY

10:05          JUNIOR & KELL

11:00           BOI & ESKAE

11:45           RACHAEL-SPOKEN WORD

12:15           AS YOU ARE

1:10             BARRY CHARLES BAND

2:15             MARY VALLEY CIRCUS

3:00            FUNKLAVA


Venomous Snake Pit Show
by Reptile Awareness Displays of Australia

Reptile Displays of Australia is joining Mary River Festival 2024 with FIVE Venomous Snake Pit Shows throughout the day. 

You will find their display down towards the Yabba Yarning Speakers Tent. Presentations will run for 30 minutes at 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1:30pm and 2:30pm and you will be able to see the following snakes:

  • Inland Taipan – Oxyuranus microlepidotus

  • Coastal Taipan – Oxyuranus scutellatus

  • Eastern Brown Snake – Pseudonaja textilis

  • Red-bellied Black Snake – Pseudechis porphyriacus

  • Mulga Snake aka King Brown – Pseudechis australis

  • Tiger Snake – Notechis scutatus

  • Spotted Black Snake – Pseudechis guttatus

  • Death Adder - Acanthophis spp.

  • Collette´s Snake – Pseudechis colletti 

info coming soon

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